Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga provides the strength and relaxation benefits of yoga, as well as a chance to nurture yourself while bonding with the life inside. The special selection of postures, are designed to prepare the body for changes that occur before, during, and even after labor.

PranaMommas® Prenatal Yoga

PranaMommas© Pre and Postnatal classes are designed to celebrate women; a holistic, all-encompassing approach to supporting greater vitality, and nourishing the mind body health. Our prenatal classes are for all levels and adaptable to all trimesters. PranaMommas© sequences are specially designed to both prepare and adapt the body for the changes that occur during and after pregnancy. Perfect for students new to yoga, as well as seasoned students looking to adapt their practice in a safe way while still being challenged. Classes build strength, provide documented stress reduction benefits, build confidence, reduce and prevent common aches and pains associated with pregnancy, reduce swelling, ease nausea and heartburn, improve balance, circulation and digestion, promote restful sleep, build community support through knowledgeable teachers and other moms, and increase energy and enthusiasm. Classes are 75 minutes long and include guided relaxation.  Together we will sow the seeds to set the foundation and relationship of healthy minds, bodies, and spirits, while connecting to each other.

PranaMommas Prenatal Yoga Classes

(Teachers will modify for all trimesters)

PranaMommas prenatal yoga classes are appropriate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester pregnant women who are new to yoga. Our Certified Prenatal and Postnatal yoga teachers adapt yoga to the pregnant body with sequences that build strength, reduce tension, and help with the common conditions that may occur during pregnancy. Each class builds confidence in the woman and ends with relaxation for greater balance and peace.

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“Having had a pretty steady yoga practice prior to becoming pregnant, I was happy to give the Pranamammas prenatal yoga classes a try once the normal classes became a bit too much for me and my growing belly. While it was great to be able to continue my practice, I also found myself part of this new club of moms-to-be, and part of the fun every week was getting the updates on how everyone was doing with their pregnancy. The classes also gave me a chance to have some dedicated “me” time every week where I could relax and focus on baby and me.”

“Prenatal yoga was one of the greatest things I did for myself during my pregnancy journey. As a beginner to yoga, I was unsure what kind of experience I would walk away with, but I’m pleased to say it was incredible! Throughout my weekly practices, I was able to develop a vision for my labor and delivery. These classes taught me the power and importance of the breath, and trained my body to relax and let go. They also provided relief to the normal aches and pains experienced during pregnancy. I am so thankful for my commitment to yoga throughout my pregnancy, as I truly believe it empowered me to have the amazing natural childbirth I desired.”

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

  • Decreases Lower Back Pain

  • Decreases nausea

  • Helps with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

  • Decreases Headaches and Shortness of Breath

  • Improves Mood and Motivation

  • Decreases Risk of Preterm Labor

  • Decreases Risk of Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension

  • Most importantly, Prenatal Yoga can help you bond with your baby and empower you through the community of other pregnant women. “As you sow, so shall you reap.”