PranaYoga is a Sattva Vinyasa Studio. Sattva Vinyasa is a method of yoga developed by founder and yoga therapist, Dani McGuire(vani) after over 2500 hours of yoga training and yoga therapy.

Find the class that best suits your practice with our range of yoga class descriptions. Sattva means balance. Our mission is to meet our students where they are. We teach beyond the traditional yoga postures, by infusing our movement with yoga therapy and the understanding of the sister science of yoga, which is Ayurveda Wellness. Sattva Vinyasa was developed to undo habitual movement patterns and prevent repetitive stress injury, even created by some yoga styles. Sattva Vinyasa teachers provide many variations of postures for the modern day yoga practitioner, to relieve stress, sedentarism, and chronic pain, while challenging the body to increase in mobility and strength. Sattva vinyasa practices are adapted to the rhythms of the day and season to cultivate the most well rounded movement nutrition for every body. Find a rundown on our yoga class descriptions below.

Movement Therapeutics: for every body

  • Adaptive Chair Class
  • Sattva Yoga Therapy
  • Therapeutic Flow

For Beginners and to Nourish Intermediate Yogis

  • Candlelight Yin
  • Yin/Restore
  • Basic Flow
  • Sattva Restore
  • Yoga 101 Series
  • Aerial Restore

  • Heated Sattva Vinyasa
  • Sattva Vinyasa
  • Meditation
  • Learning Series
  • Workshops
  • Teacher Training

  • Sattva Vinyasa(heated/all-levels)

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Kids Yoga(ages 6-12)
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Yoga for Cancer

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To schedule a free consult to find out how yoga will meet your goals email me: Dani@pranayogaschool.com