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Yoga therapy sessions are a healing art and increasingly researched science developed from the ancient insights of yoga. Yoga Therapy today is a stand alone wellness profession. A yoga therapist has over 1000 hours of yoga therapy training in addition to the 200 hours of yoga alliance training and clinical with mentor, equaling about 2 masters degrees.

Pranayoga’s Yoga Therapists will recommend yoga therapies such as awareness practices, mindfulness, breath work, movement, meditation, relaxation, guided visualization, cleansing practices, or ayurvedic diet specific to your condition. Yoga therapy helps the systems regain balance and vitality. Our yoga therapist will meet you wherever you are today, using the science of yoga, their experiential knowledge, research, and gift of  healing intuition in adapting and applying these practices, to offer relief from pain or illness. Call Pranayoga at 260.627.YOGA(9642).


Not all yoga teachers are certified and practicing under the guidlines of International Associaltion of Yoga Therapist. Make sure you do your homework by educating yourself on this powerful healing modality recommended by doctors all over the U.S. for pain management.

Our school has been accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapy and our therapists have been mentoring under Dani McGuire(Vani) who has practiced yoga therapy since 2008. Vani has mentored others and personally helped numerous students get relief from:

Anxiety, Addictions, Asthma, Allergies, Arthritis, Autism, ADHD, Back Pain, Brain Trauma, Breast Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Pre and Post Natal Conditions, Carpal Tunnel, Diabetes, Depression, Digestive Problem, Eating Disorders, Heart Disease, Infertility Problems, MS, Neck Pain, RSV, Stress, Trauma, Phantom Pain.

PranaYoga Institute is one of the first 25 Accredited Yoga Therapy Training schools in the world. Discounted yoga therapy sessions are available to clients who are willing to work with a yoga therapist during their practicum coursework. If interested, please contact Dani at


“Dani/yoga therapy were recommended to me when I was at a very tough spot in my life. Suffering from chronic migraines, constant disequilibrium/dizziness and infertility, I was searching for anything that could help, even just a little. My sessions with Dani were amazing – the one-on-one interaction along with a yoga plan customized for my specific needs was so helpful. I left each week feeling renewed, despite having many stressful and life-altering challenges all at once. In addition to yoga therapy, I was doing PT/dry needling,migraine preventative drug treatment (under the care of my neurologist), and any other little thing that could have a chance at helping me – a multifaceted and strategic approach to start feeling more like myself again. I am so thankful to have had yoga therapy as a facet of my plan. Today, I still suffer from some migraines and dizziness, but have my condition much more managed. And my husband and I have been blessed with three kids (all under age 3)! I would (and have) recommended yoga therapy to anyone struggling with a challenging health condition.”


“The six sessions of Yoga therapy I spent with Dani were such a help to me as she promptly assessed my need to develop a restorative practice instead of what I had come up with . Of course it was exactly what I needed for my body and mind. Dani shared both structural and organ level benefits of each part of the practice . I loved getting the written summaries of our sessions each week so I could practice in between and as references going forward . Taking Yoga Therapy from Dani was a joyful , meaningful , useful and lovely experience.”

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“As I reflect over the year I am overwhelmingly grateful. I had struggled and struggled and struggled trying to let go. I was so frustrated with myself and so hard on myself that I was stuck in such a bad place. I knew better, I wanted to let go, but I was stuck and in so much pain. THANK YOU for teaching me to be gentle and compassionate with myself….in doing so I have been able to let go of those things that no longer serve me and breathe in the abundance of life. I don’t know exactly how it works; perhaps as I learned to quiet my mind thru yoga the Holy Spirit is able to work …. I have had such healing….I no longer have pain in my hip. I feel free and blessed. As I learned to exhale deeper and deeper I was able to let go and now I can breathe deeply and fully and receive. And as I receive I am able to give. You and what you do thru yoga are gifts, and I am incredibly grateful.”

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Yoga Therapy Session Pricing

Initial Consult


Single Session


6 Sessions(saves $30)


12 Sessions(saves $120)


At home and on-site available for a trip charge fee. Message us for pricing.