P.Y. When did you first start yoga and what inspired you to come to your firstclass?

R.R. I began practicing Yoga in June of last year by taking Erin Erb’s Yoga 101 class. I highly recommend it! I have a shoulder injury, and wanted to try a lower-impact activity. More importantly, though, a few people who I trust and are very close to me are serious yogis and recommended I try it.
P.Y. How do you feel now that you are coming to regular yoga classes? How is this different than how you felt before you began coming?

R.R. I have discovered more positive physical and mental benefits through yoga than I could have hoped for. The major reduction to my stress and anxiety levels was the most unexpected effect I noticed. I feel much more balanced. Sometimes I think to myself,

“So this is what it feels like not to be stressed out all the time!” That’s a great feeling!Ryan SOM

P.Y. What yoga posture is your favorite and why?

R.R. This is a hard question, but Warrior II is one that I really enjoy. There is something that just feels really good about coming into, and out of that pose.

P.Y. Would you recommend yoga class to someone else? What would you say?

R.R. Of course I would recommend it!

It sounds counterintuitive but I think the people who think they need yoga the least might in fact need it the most. I have more patience, energy, confidence, clarity, strength, and compassion. I’ve gotten to know some really great people in the studio, and learning yoga has opened me up to an entire international community who share in this wonderful practice.

Ryan Pose

P.Y. What Pranayoga class is your favorite and why?

R.R. I really enjoy the heated classes because I like to sweat.

P.Y. What would you say to someone who felt compelled to begin yoga?

R.R. Just start going. You’re probably over-thinking things.


Thank you for inspiring us Ryan! It has been a joy having you practice in our community!