March 2022

Sattva Yin

Traditionally, yin yoga sequencing is a series of static poses practiced through long holds that is more lunar, or cooling, in nature. In Sattva Yin, we build on these principles by incorporating the elemental rejuvenation and seasonal yin sequences that open the the sen lines of the body, found in the Thai energy system and rooted in Ayurveda.. Through the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, we allow the bodymind to rest in quiet enjoyment of understanding our connectivity to nature and the world. Practice includes pranayama to balance the mood(guna), and yin postures to balance the season, within elemental yin sequences. Balancing for vata dosha, Reducing inflammation in pitta dosha, and utilizing the stability of kapha dosha, through the water elements of the body, the Sattva Yin practice will balance your dosha and support your other practices.

Long slow hold-patience. Get into the fascia and connective tissue.Sattva Yin draws from the first pillar of Sattva Vinyasa, which is the practice of awareness. By paying attention to the fluctuation of breath swimming in the nadis, or little rivers, noticing the changing sensations and emotions as we steep in the postures, and recognizing our thought patterns, becomes part of the holistic experience of yoking all parts of ourselves in our sadhana.
Adding a quieter practice such as restorative and yin can bring us into contemplation of the higher practices more quickly as we forget we are “doing” something. It is in essence using our vehicle to get to someplace beautiful but then being able to get out of the vehicle and immerse oneself into the experience.

Sattva Yin will aim to:

  • Balance the yang seasons and stages of life.
  • Work our joints and connective tissues.
  • Deepen and sustain our awareness practices.
  • Increase flow or energy around the sen lines and nadis and remove blockages.

Sattva Yin Teachers will have a wide knowledge in the following:

  • skillfully teach the yin postures according to the individuals body anatomy
  • how to sequence a class according to the seasons and balancing the elements in the body
  • pranayama techniques to use spefically for conditions of dosha accumulations and prevention.
  • Pratyahara and awareness practices to improve concentration and not space out during the practice. Concentration is the way that we can meet our goals of health, well-being and relationship, off the mat.

Daily Schedule:  Friday Night: 6-9pm Candlelight Sattva Yin and Introduction

Saturday- Sunday 9:15-5:15pm

9:15am-11am sattva yin and meditation class

11-12:30Lecture and Presentation

12:30-1:45 Lunch break

1:45-5:15 Teacher Lab/ Philosophy/Anatomy/Concentration Practices

Tuition: $450

Email to get on the waitlist.