Sattva Restore® Restorative Training

January 8-10

Friday-Sunday 9:15-5:15

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90% off all disease begins with stress. Learn the effects of our modern society and the constant stress response we are in causing chronic illness and disease.

Restorative yoga is a practice that was developed by Judith Lasater to release stress and tension using different positions over yoga props. Sattva Restore, developed by yoga therapist and ayurveda wellness counselor, Dani McGuire, adapts this restorative practice from the perspective of yoga therapy. We utilize restorative yoga positions adapted to the individual, ayurveda wisdom, engagement and relaxation of a muscle for hyper or hypo tonus muscles, guided imagery, breathing practices, and meditation that can be used at any age and with any population.

Upon completion of this module students will be able to:
Define and understand the interaction of the pancha maya model and all major systems affected by stress.
Define and explain the stress response on the physical level.
Understand development of majority of disease from stress and apply techniques to remedy the epidemic.
Provide Restorative Yoga postures and modifications to people with chronic pain
Identify common pathologies and disorders of the major systems including symptoms management and contraindications relevant to yoga therapy.

Tuition: $525 ($100 off if registered by early bird deadline: December 8th)

Meeting Times: Friday-Sunday 9:15am-5:15pm