Nurturing Hands. The Yoga of Mom and Baby

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The postpartum period is a time of monumental transitions. It is an adjustment period for both baby and parents to become integrated into the new rhythms of life as a family. Some even refer to the first few months postpartum as “the fourth trimester,” when mom and baby experience physical, emotional, and hormonal shifts. [...]

Discover Your Joy. What Prana is…By Dani McGuire

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Many times people ask how we got our name "Pranayoga" Our company name comes from the Sanskrit word for “breath.” It is one of the five organs of vitality of sensation. Breath is our vital life force that sustains body and mind. The breath is something we all receive and share. One Breath. [...]

Teacher Spotlight-Linda Krebs

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P.Y. How did you get interested in Yoga? L.K. "Yoga has always fascinated me...as a teenager, I would read my little yoga book called, "Introduction to Yoga", by Richard Hittleman and attempt to do the postures. I don't even remember what attracted me to yoga in the beginning, except that I have always [...]

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