Many times people ask how we got our name “Pranayoga”

Our company name comes from the Sanskrit word for “breath.” It is one of the five organs of vitality of sensation. Breath is our vital life force that sustains body and mind. The breath is something we all receive and share. One Breath. One Life. One Yoga. Everyone is welcome because we all share our breath. The breath also has a sympathetic response. Our breaths sync together, and when we link our breath and intention as one, we share in something so much more than a physical practice. Prana is a community uplifting one another.

The word “Yoga” means union and also comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. The root word means “to yoke.” It also means relationship. We are committed to forming a relationship with every one of our students and empowering you to strengthen the relationships within your own life, including the one with yourself. Yoga is understood to be both a process and a goal, a means and an end. In the words of A.G. Mohan, “Whether we want to touch our toes or reach God, there must be movement.”

What is the intention behind pranayoga?

My desire was to create a positive environment for people who wanted to make change for the better. According to the Ayurvedic tradition of health, prana vayu is the center for the immune system and our enthusiasm for life. Our JOY!

Breath and Enthusiam are things that I lacked off and on in my youth.  I suffered with asthma and food allergies as a child, and depression as an adolescent. Rather than going on several medications, I picked up books and began educating myself at the age of 16. Although it was a rocky road through my people-pleasing nature and addiction, I always had the desire for something greater.

Another definition of yoga is to “move from lower desires to higher ones”. We can do that physically, mentally, and spiritually to deepen the intimate relationship with our bodies, minds, and souls.

One way to increase prana as vitality and enthusiasm, is through breathing practices, called pranayama. However, unless there is positive intention or thought, it will not have an effect on the prana vayu for our immune system.

When someone is going through cancer, and treatment of cancer, the breath and community have proven to be some of the most important aspects for keeping up their vitality. Pranayoga School was built around the foundation of offering classes to those in treatment for cancer and other chronic illnesses.

One of the beautiful things about the pranayoga community is that everyone that walks through the door, teachers and students alike, has the intention to better themselves. Humans are beautiful and special in this way, from any other species. Yes, it may be our downfall too, in the case of perfectionism, but that desire to reach for something greater, whether it is our toes or God, is what makes us unique.

I am in awe of everyone that shows up to practice in our community. It may be their very first yoga class ever, in our yoga 101 series, a private session-because group classes seem too scary, one of our intermediate classes-because they want a challenge, or they may walk in, with cancer or chronic pain, to one of our free adaptive yoga classes.

Every person that walks in the door is ready to reach for something more, which is amazing to me. We put aside our anxiety, addictions, self-doubt and insecurities-at least for an hour, and show up. We move, breathe, relax, and set intentions. In the breath-filled room, with the desire for something more, we have created the positive spark of Prana….TOGETHER

Thank you for your INSPIRATIONS. You are beautiful.