If you have taken the time to look around our boutique you will see we are big fans of Beyond Yoga, and here is why!

Beyond Yoga Prayer

All Beyond Yoga items have been American-Made in the lovely city of Los Angeles, since 2005. Every employee is hired from the local areas, supporting the local economy, in an effort to keep the carbon footprint small. Beyond Yoga believes in the simple, yet challenging core practice of just being YOU.  It is challenging to really appreciate who you genuinely are, and to live an authentic life. Be reminded of that authentic lifestyle every time you slip into your beyond yoga gear!

Originator Jodi Buber Brufsky believes this line supports and inspires “women to live passionate, authentic lives, loving who they are inside and out”. Not only does the message of BY stand apart from other yoga-inspired apparel, but their line is so versatile that you can easily walk right out of yoga and into “the real world” without feeling out of place. BY designs their clothing for ALL body types with flattering, simple style, and with sizes ranging from XXS to XXL, made for every body.

Beyond Yoga Goddess

As Pranayoga’s Boutique Manager, I have had the opportunity to try many of these brands, and Beyond Yoga is one of my favorites because of the texture, quality, durability, and hand-crafted care that goes into their products.  I just love it!  The way we feel in our clothing is so important. Beyond Yoga is so very, VERY soft; So soft that for me, it brings up nostalgic memories of holding my blanket as a child. Silly right? It is just THAT comfortable.

The fabrics are also thick and durable. You’ll have no worries of a student catching the “Full Monte”, and no need to get a new pair every six months like “cheaper”  leggings. Many of us, including myself, find a cheap alternative to buying yoga pants, but the problem with cheaper yoga pants is that they don’t always last or give you the full coverage in happy baby pose!

Also, it’s great to be able to walk out of a yoga class, throw on a cover up, and not look like I forgot to get dressed this morning.

Your BY is made to last. I’ve had a pair for two years and they still look brand new, which makes them a great value! Not only are you buying American-Made, but these pants will last, and they feel great!

This is why we really give Beyond Yoga a big heart-for the comfortable, soft support that works even for students recovering from recent breast cancer surgery. We want clothing that makes us look great, sure, but more importantly we want clothing that makes us FEEL great!

“Due to my recent breast cancer surgery, I found it difficult to wear a sports bra that didn’t smash my breast or irritate the scar under my arm with the removal of my lymph nodes. I was advised by Dani, to try Beyond Yoga. Their products are soft, breathable, and comfortable. I decided to to give them a try. Prana did not have my size, so I went online and purchased the bras at Beyond Yoga’s website. I received the bras, tried them on, and the fit was great! They were very comfortable. I wore one and did a Yoga class. After pulling and tugging on every bra I owned due to the discomfort, I was so happy when I wore this bra because I never once pulled or tugged on the bra! I was totally supported and forgot I even had a sports bra on. The cut and design kept my breast separate, supported, and didn’t irritate my incision. I was so happy with the bras and will be buying more in the future to replace my existing sports bras.”-Denese, Fort Wayne

Enjoy the new Beyond Yoga at either PranaYoga Boutique. Mention this article and get a 10% discount on your BY!

Written by Chelsea Vona, Boutique and Art Manager. Edited by Dani McGuire