Private sessions are ideal for those students who wish to deepen their yoga practice with one-on-one attention from their teacher of choice. Book a Private Session.

Testimonial-Whitney Caudill

I came to yoga because a friend suggested that it would be a good way to consciously relax and connect mind and body, increase my focus, and exercise in a healthy way. All things I wanted. But I knew nothing about yoga and the idea of going to a yoga class was intimidating. So, I signed up for private sessions with the intention that a few private sessions would help me get started and transition to group classes. I have been surprised to find that private sessions with Dani did that for me, and more.

Looking back, I can’t imagine starting a yoga practice without the guidance, support, and one-on-one relationship with a teacher. Private sessions have helped me develop a practice that is appropriate for the specific needs of my body, learn the benefits and proper technique for asanas and breathing practices, and develop the confidence to fully enjoy group classes. I have also learned how to make adjustments in my daily life – breaking some of those little bad habits – that have improved my overall wellbeing. When questions arise from my experience in a class or I have a physical condition or problem, Dani is able to explain the necessary adjustment or advise me on how to improve or work around the problem.

Private sessions have allowed me to more deeply understand the principles and benefits of yoga and to develop a personal practice that is fully integrated into my daily life. I love the peace, balance, and joy that I get from yoga and am grateful for the opportunity to learn in a one-on-one environment at Prana.

Private Sessions w/ 500HR Holistic Pranayoga Teachers


Whether you are a beginner, or an advanced student, a one-on-one private session is right for you. In the guiding hands of one of our certified teachers, you can work toward overcoming any fears or blockages that may be holding you back. The private session is tailored to fit the needs of each student, so beginners can work on the fundamentals and more experienced students can work on specific needs. Focuses for private sessions include learning the fundamentals of yoga, specific asana alignment to reduce injuries, advancement of practice, questions on yogic philosophy, and much more. Our privates end with 15 minutes of deep relaxation and aromatherapy.

Package Rates:
6 sessions for $405.00 ($67.60 each)
12 sessions for $765.00 ($63.75 each)

24 sessions for 1440.00($60.00 each)

Semi-Privates(each additional person just 10.00)

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Sattva Vinyasa® Private Session

Sattva means balance. The study of ayurveda is one in keeping the body balanced, and the study of yoga is one of keeping ourselves in harmony with our bodies, breath, relationships and the world around us.  Our Sattva Vinyasa teachers have been trained in the therapeutic approach to private sessions, and have a deep understanding of the biomechanics of movement and somatic experience of yoga. Our focus is on achieving yoga for all levels from pain management to challenging asanas for the healthy body. We will meet you where you are.

In Sattva Vinyasa we integrate Yoga and Ayurveda, as your body evolves with the seasons, life, and daily health care regimens or habits. Our goal is that we may find the integrated approach to healthcare in the 21st century. We teach that for the whole person to not only survive, but thrive, there needs to be harmonious balance of the three treasures of mind, body and spirit. Our philosophy is one of wholeness and integration to achieve sustainable results and transformation within each of our students.

What to Expect

  • Physical Body Goals: A deeper understanding of the asanas. Increased strength, flexibility, joint stability, digestion and elimination. Improvement of posture and overall well-being. ayurvedic nutritional guidelines and relief from addictions and pain.
  • Energy Body Goals: Improved breathing,energy and sleep. Help releasing blocked energy and emotional support for chronic pain.
  • Mental Health Goals: Ability to identify stressors, improved mood, stress reduction, peace of mind, less anxiety and depression, greater fulfillment and self-esteem
  • Spiritual Growth: Ability to gain a wider vision of life. See a change in self destructive habits, deeper understanding of all aspects of yoga and self.


  • 60 minute session 85.00 with Dani, 1000RYT, IAYT, Creator Sattva Vinyasa, Yoga Therapist
  • 60 minute session 75.00 with other nationally recognized Sattva Vinyasa 500RYT
  • 90 minute session 100.00 (120.00 with Dani)

save 10% when purchasing a package of six 90 minute sessions.

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Yoga Therapy


Yoga therapy is a healing art of awareness, breath, and movement. Dani McGuire is the only yoga therapist in the area and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Dani has helped numerous students get relief from pain and anxiety. Yoga therapy helps the systems regain balance and vitality. Dani will meet you wherever you are today and using gentle asana, guided imagery, and breathing practice gain relief from pain or illness. Find out more here.

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Life Coaching


Highly complementary to yoga philosophy, coaching is a service that gives students personalized guidance and support into bringing awareness into their lives. Coaching shares the yoga perspective that happiness can only come from within and our life coaching program will help to uncover that joy. The mind, body, spirit connection shouldn’t end when you leave the yoga mat. Dani’s program will help you begin to incorporate balance into your daily lives, unleashing old habitual ways of thinking that are keeping you from fulfilling your goals, dreams, and highest potential. Lifestyle coaching is different from therapy and counseling in that it is for emotionally healthy individuals, that have hit a road block on their path, and need an alternative way of looking at things, or getting out of old unconscious ways of living. We will look at awareness, intention, and personal power to carry through your goals and dreams.

Yoga for Corporations

$100 for hour session

Supports the individual’s work performance, while contributing toward corporate profitability, productivity, company loyalty and customer satisfaction through training individuals to:
• Increase control and concentration of the mind
• Enhance alertness
• Improve stamina and resistance to illness, less sick days
• Decrease stress during the performance of challenging work activities.
• Improve communication, listening, and interpersonal relationship skills

Great for an afternoon stretch or after work hours.

Yoga for Schools

$80 for hour session

Yoga helps reduce stress, anxiety, disruptive behavior, and lack of emotional control in children. The class is designed to benefit both students and teachers. Our school’s principle training program is Calm Classroom. Our program also includes creative movement, reading to improve literacy, and ethics for respecting ourselves and others.