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PranaPremium $99 Monthly Membership

  • Unlimited Virtual and In-Person Small Group Classes
  • Premium Series
  • PranaYoga On Demand
  • 10% off of Yoga Therapy, Massage, and Ayurveda Counseling Sessions
  • 2 Passes each month for family and friends
  • 1 Year Membership Commitment


“I have been out of practice due to some life changes. I feel so comfortable coming back because the teachers accept and support me at the level of practice where I am now. I feel welcome and never feel out of place. I am free to modify and move at my own pace with them making suggestions and modifications for me to use my body properly without undue stress and injury. The respect and acceptance is invaluable.”


“Pranayoga has changed my life for the better! I truly appreciate the staff for helping me relieve my anxiety, providing ways I can better my health, and making my practice enjoyable.”-Amber

“The compassion and inclusive attitude brought me from a curiosity at Yoga 101 to my soon to be completed 200YT. It was as if I found the healing supportive home that no gym, or separate exercise program could provide. It literally is changing my life.”-Devona

Pay in Full Premium Membership Just $990 

Get everything above for under $3 per day!


10 Class Pass


Virtual Drop-In (during the pandemic our studio is open to members and class passes only. Join us online!) VIRTUAL DROP-IN


NEWBIES! We have a monthly unlimited special for you to try our group classes for just $59 unlimited.