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Prenatal Yoga Programs

Prental private sessions are perfect for the busy mom faced witht he challenge of finding room in the schedule for group classes, or for those wanting individual attention for specific pregnancy related conditions, such as sciatic pain, prolapse, carpal tunnel syndrom, sleep disturbances, anxiety, or post partum depression.

$75/hour session

Your mindbody practice doesn’t have to end if you are put on bedrest. Our certified prenatal teachers will come to your home and guide you through gentle movement adapted for moms on bedrest, breathing practices, guided relaxation and visualization techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and increase confidence and wellbeing for the mom with limited mobility.

  • $45 for 30 minute relaxation session
  • $80 for 60 minute complete therapeutic prenatal session

This relaxing massage for two nurtures both the mother and child. Ease discomforts associated with pregnancy such as pressure, swelling, and an aching back. Extra care and attention are given to your comfort, and stage of pregnancy. Please let us know the number of weeks of your pregnancy when scheduling.

50 minutes $65

Bring the benefits and convenience of prenatal yoga to your medical establishment or workplace. Pregancy can create a lot of challenges for the body, so it is important to have a trained and professional prenatal teacher offering breathing techniques and safe sequences adapted for expecting mothers. Each session includes our specially designed pranamommas seqences that will help build strength, reduce tension, and adapt yoga to the pregnant body and the common conditions that may occur during pregnancy. Each class builds confidence in the woman and ends with relaxation for greater balance and peace.

$100 / 75 Minute Class