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FAQS About Yoga

by Dani McGuire

Q: What is yoga?

Yoga is a system of holistic health that originated in India over 5,000 years ago. In America we focus mainly on Asana (physical postures for removing toxins and illness in the physical body). As we work through the physical, the emotional and mental parts of ourselves are relaxed, and we see increased health in our overall well-being.

Q: Do I have to tie myself in a pretzel to practice yoga?

NO! The most common statement I hear is "I am not flexible enough to do yoga". The goal of yoga is to quiet the distractions of the mind. Yoga says that everything begins in the mind, and to change our thoughts into more positive ones can change our habitual patterns and these statements of "I can't..." Our mind and our bodies relax and relieve tension simultaneously.

Q: What are some benefits of yoga?

STRESS REDUCTION! It is almost immediate. Yoga also improves circulation, increases flexibility, and strengthens the body and bones. Yoga balances the body and all of our systems. The effects do not happen overnight, but with practice is one of the most lasting modalities for wellness. I have practically cured my asthma and have said goodbye to my panic attacks.

Q: Is yoga safe?

In most cases, yes. However, if you select the wrong level of difficulty in a large group class and have physical ailments, you could have injuries. It is very important to attend the right class with certified instructors and to let them know of potential physical problems.

Q: How often should I practice yoga?

(As often as you breathe!!) Just joking, but as you begin to notice your habitual patterns throughout the day, for example, when I am stressed I hold my breath; we begin to take yoga into our lives forever. My yoga has given me a chance to notice this unhealthy pattern, and do some deep breathing when it appears. The physical practice should ideally be done 2-3 times a week. Some people do fine just coming once a week and others come 4-5 times a week. It is best to listen to your body and balance more active classes with restorative and gentle ones.

Q: Is yoga for men and women?

Yes, on average there are more women than men in a class, however some schools have an almost even ratio. Yoga began in India being taught to just men, and was eventually allowed to be taught to women and children. Now, thankfully, it is for everybody!

Q: How much do I have to invest in yoga?

Memberships to yoga schools are comparable to memberships at most gyms. You can get classes as low as 2.00 a day (and less) with monthly and yearly memberships. If you don't go as often, a class pass that doesn't expire for a year may be the way to go.

Q: What should I wear to a yoga class?

Comfortable clothing. Sweats, t-shirts, and many yoga clothes are available in our boutique. The best part is no expensive footwear necessary!

Q: What are the best classes, if you are brand new to yoga?

Our Yoga 101 Workshop (beginner yoga class held in a 5 week series) or our New To Yoga package (includes a private yoga session and two weeks of unlimited yoga) are both great ways to start. If you have taken yoga before or done videos at home, you may enjoy starting with our All-Levels classes. Experienced yogis and athletes love Vinyasa Flow.