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PranaYoga is a Sattva Vinyasa Studio. Sattva Vinyasa is a method of yoga developed by founder and yoga therapist, Dani McGuire(vani) after over 2500 hours of yoga training and yoga therapy.

Sattva means balance. Our mission is to meet our students where they are. We teach beyond the traditional yoga postures, by infusing our movement with yoga therapy and the understanding of the sister science of yoga, which is Ayurveda Wellness. Sattva Vinyasa was developed to undo habitual movement patterns and prevent repetitive stress injury, even created by some yoga styles. Sattva Vinyasa teachers provide many variations of  postures for the modern day yoga practitioner, to relieve stress, sedentarism, and chronic pain, while challenging the body to increase in mobility and strength. Sattva vinyasa practices are adapted to the rhythms of the day and season to cultivate the most well rounded movement nutrition for every body.

Basic Flow is gentle group yoga class with many modifications given to counter stress and/or sedentary lifestyle. Our goal is to help you achieve a comfortable steady pose and increase range of motion and ability to relax. This class is a great way to start your yoga practice to acquire the fundamentals of yoga, and is open to any ages.

Our heated classes are heated with FARinfared heating technology which is better for the environment and your well-being. FARinfrared technology heats your muscles rather than the roomRelax and Rejuvanate with this lunar flow that uses Prana Flow™ Vinyasa sequencing in a slow flow practice. Most yoga classes are solar in nature, and others are solar and lunar. We will focus on the lunar poses, close to the earth and to open the hips, creating a calming, soothing, and fluid practice to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system for healing and preparation for yoga nidra (deep relaxation) and meditation.

Our sweat classes are heated with FARinfared heating technology which is better for the environment and your well-being. FARinfrared technology heats your muscles rather than the room. It increases circulation, muscle flexibility and detoxification and is safer for daily practice unlike other forms of heat that can cause inflammation in the tissues. Sattva yoga classes focus on alignment, kramas(stages of postures), and present moment experience.  Muscles and joints relax when they are warmed and it helps relieve muscle pain and stiffness and reduce the chance of injury. Rooms are heated between 80-85 degrees.

This restorative yoga class is the medicine for stress. We promote deep relaxation with the use of props like blankets and bolsters to put the body into extremely comfortable and supported positions. Then, much like meditation or asana class, the attention rests on the breath. Each class will include supported backbends, forward bends and twists, to promote healthy spines, as well as inversions to reverse the fluids in the body, enhancing the functions of the heart. This setting provides the perfect environment to truly relax and rejuvenate.

Pranayoga’s All-Levels Vinyasa flow Class. Sattva Vinyasa-the regenerative flow was created by founder and yoga therapist Dani McGuire. This yoga flow class combines therapeutics with challenging peak asanas. Alignment and all-levels approach for every body.  Sattva vinyasa teachers will guide you through challenging and intelligently sequenced peak poses, vinyasa krama(steps), and alignment, infused with somatic experience for a holistic practice and reduction of injury. Practices can be either solar or lunar, and will be sequenced for the seasons to keep you in optimal balance and form. Receive Strength, Balance, and Rejuvenation in these Sattva Vinyasa Flow classes.

Traditionally, yin yoga sequencing is a series of static poses practiced through long holds that is more lunar, or cooling, in nature. In Sattva Yin, we build on these principles by incorporating the elemental rejuvenation and seasonal yin sequences that open the the sen lines of the body, found in the Thai energy system and rooted in Ayurveda.. Through the elements of earth, water, fire, air, and space, we allow the bodymind to rest in quiet enjoyment of understanding our connectivity to nature and the world. Practice includes pranayama to balance the mood (guna), and yin postures to balance the season, within elemental yin sequences. Balancing for vata dosha, Reducing inflammation in pitta dosha, and utilizing the stability of kapha dosha, through the water elements of the body, the Sattva Yin practice will balance your dosha and support your other practices.

Aerial Flow Level 1 is a practice that combines vinyasa flow yoga and aerial dance. Aerial classes are a blend of traditional yoga poses and incorporate the aid and support of the aerial hammock to allow greater stability and ease.

In this class, we’ll move through creative flow sequences, both in and out of the hammocks, transition to balance and strength poses, with a few basic aerial “tricks” as the peak pose of the flow. Some of these movements will allow you to flip upside down, and others will have you swinging from side to side, or have you standing suspended in air.

Every class ends with a 10 minute “rocking womb” savasana, where you’ll be cocooned in your hammock, suspended in air, and fully supported.

This small group class is taught by a yoga therapist with over 1000 hours of yoga training and clinical experience. Yoga Therapy provides a supportive, uplifting practice cultivating ease and stability by adapting postures to the individual. All are welcome to partake in the benefits of Yoga Therapy; any age, ability or disability, novice or seasoned yoga practitioner, or those who for any reason are unable or reluctant to get up and down off the floor with ease. A yoga therapist will lead you through a strengthening and stress reducing class that includes breathing, stretching, standing postures, and relaxation. You will leave feeling stronger both physically and mentally. Additional benefits of Yoga Therapy include: increased strength and mobility, normalized blood pressure, reduced stress, improved posture and balance, increased self-confidence, and a more happy, optimistic outlook!

The practice of meditation allows the mind to quiet down and enables your body to get the deep rest it requires to release stress and stay healthy. Any one at any age can learn to meditate and enjoy the benefits. We will practice many different meditation techniques during this class to find the tool that works best for you.

This program, developed by Jnani Chapman, RN, BSN, CMT, CYT, is for people with cancer, pre, during, and post treatment. It includes breathing techniques, relaxation, mental imagery, conscious use of the mind and imagination, self talk, meditation, and gentle movement through sequences and postures. It is designed to treat the person as an individual and a whole system of body, mind, and spirit. Our community class may also act as a support group, and pull you out of the cocoon that it is so easy to put ourselves in at the time of diagnosis. Learn to love yourself back to life at a time when it feels like your body has betrayed you.

We believe that yoga for cancer should not be limited by the amount of money a person has, with the already overwhelming amount of medical expenses, so this is a donation based class. Please be generous if you can so that we can keep these programs going for those who cannot afford it. $14 donation is recommended.