Aerial Flow Level 1 is a practice that combines vinyasa flow yoga and aerial dance. Aerial classes are a blend of traditional yoga poses and incorporate the aid and support of the aerial hammock to allow greater stability and ease.
In this class, we’ll move through creative flow sequences, both in and out of the hammocks, transition to balance and strength poses, with a few basic aerial “tricks” as the peak pose of the flow. Some of these movements will allow you to flip upside down, and others will have you swinging from side to side, or have you standing suspended in air.
Every class ends with a 10 minute “rocking womb” savasana, where you’ll be cocooned in your hammock, suspended in air, and fully supported.

You don’t need any experience in yoga, acrobatics or aerial yoga to drop in to this class (pre-registration required-only 9 hammocks, this fills fast!) Students of all levels are welcome!

Please show up for class 15 minutes early to allow time to adjust your hammock height.


Things to Know before your first Class:

  • Wear stretchy clothing that you feel comfortable moving in and won’t slide around when you are upside down.
  • Remove all jewelry for your comfort and to prevent snagging the hammocks.
  • Bring covered water container to stain hydrated during class. No open water containers allowed in the classroom.
  • It’s best to practice on an empty stomach.


The Benefits: Zero compression inversions allow circulatory and lymphatic systems to replenish while stimulating the release of powerful endorphins to the brain. Decompression of the spine occurs through gentle traction and hydration of vertebral discs.


Other benefits include:

  • stress reduction
  • increase core strength
  • low impact cardiovascular conditioning
  • fine-tuning of balance
  • greater agility via increasing proprioceptor response
  • self-esteem enhancement


Contraindications: Please consult with a doctor if you have any of these conditions. While this is an extensive list, there may be conditions that the authors are unaware of and in no way is comprehensive.

  • easy onset vertigo
  • inner ear problems
  • severe balance issues
  • severe muscle spasm
  • severe neck or back pain
  • recent surgery
  • osteoporosis or bone weakness
  • glaucoma
  • very high or low blood pressure
  • propensity for fainting
  • recent concussion or head injury
  • obesity
  • severe arthritis
  • head cold, flu or sinusitis
  • hiatal hernia
  • disc herniation
  • pregnancy beyond the 1st trimester
  • recent stroke
  • radiculitis
  • cebral sclerosis
  • trauma
  • Botox within 24 hours

Tuition: $108 for 4 weeks (PranaPerks receive 10% off!)

Beginner Series run in 4 week sessions.


To Get Started (Pre-Registration is required. If you have any trouble please call us at 260.627.9642)

1. Print and Sign the Aerial Yoga Waiver and Release Form.

2. Fill out the online registration form and attach.

3. Pre-register and Pay online.
You may also stop by the Downtown or Southwest Location to sign up around our class times.


Aerial Private Sessions

Private sessions are available at $85/hr for individuals, and discounted sessions are available for larger groups.

Aerial private sessions are perfect for:

  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Corporate events
  • A night out with friends!