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Welcome to Pranayoga Institute. the yoga your doctor recommends.

At PranaYoga we cross the bridge of teaching yoga to yoga therapy. Our teachers are highly trained in both yoga and yoga therapy. At pranayoga we focus on developing therapeutic relationships in which adaptive practices are fully explored in supporting our clients’ individual goals and aspirations. Yoga Therapy uses awareness, breath, and movement to create harmony and balance. As yoga therapists we work with the physical body in a way that science meets traditional yoga therapies and all of our teachers have been trained with this therapeutic approach, even at the remedial levels. We offer specialty yoga therapy classes and series for those that can’t attend a regular group class, and are always aiming at the approach of meeting you where you are today, while supporting you in doing the same.

Within our practice of yoga and ayurveda wellness, you will begin to see increased health, well-being, and vitality. Yoga is not a noun, but a verb, a daily process that helps us to shift from chaos to calm and from surviving to thriving.

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