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Ayurvedic Spa Clinic

PranaYoga offers Ayurvedic treatments based on your constitution (dosha), to promote greater detoxification, relaxation, and healing. Ayurvedic treatment processes holistically rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. It is a unique experience where you are immersed in therapeutic sessions based in the ancient Vedic culture.

60 minutes – $75

The classic Ayurvedic warm oil massage uses dosha-specific oils to massage the whole body. This journey takes you into a state of deep relaxation, nourishes the skin, and promotes cleansing and healing. Specialized herbal oils infused with herbs specific to your constitution help bring your body back into balance. The oil is the medicine to detox and rejuvenates the tissues and joints of the body.

Dani Vani McGuire, Ayurvedic Health Educator and Yoga Therapist, E-RYT 500

The awareness gained from having an Ayurvedic consultation allows one to create balance and harmony through lifestyle changes. Avoid the onset of illness or create an optimum environment for healing to occur.

Initial Visit: $80

This includes an in-depth evaluation of health and lifestyle practices, constitution, imbalances and changes.

Based on this information a daily practice program including diet, mantra, yoga therapy, music, and other relaxation techniques may be recommended.

Package Rates:

Include support in your continued healing. Learn to implement lifestyle tools in health and healing. These sessions will include conversation & yoga therapy to support the doshic imbalances present, and offer you a support program for accountability after the initial visit.

  • 5 Sessions + Initial Visit $450
  • 11 Sessions+ Initial Visit $840
  • 50 minutes $108
  • 6 Sessions for $600(save $48)

The pouring of warm, herbalized oil over the forehead is deeply relaxing to the nervous system, soothing away anxiety, depression, headaches, and sleeplessness while creating instant calmness and mental clarity. Combined with an Ayurvedic foot, head, neck, and facial massage, with the addition of aromatic towel compresses.

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