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Pranayoga Teacher Training


"I own my own personal training, group fitness and yoga studio that really has taken off in the past 2 years. I decided that I needed something more in my yoga journey, but I wasn’t sure what the right place was for me. I started to realize that there was so much more I needed to learn, and not just the physical aspect of yoga. I went surfing on the web, and came across Pranayoga Institute of Yoga and Holistic Health in Ft. Wayne. From the day that I walked into the doors, it has changed my life. Not only has it changed me as an instructor, but as a person. When I finish with these 200 hours, I will know that I have given my yoga students the best class that I could give them.

Dani’s training is so well rounded. I feel like I’ve learned so much: how to be a great teacher, physically, mentally and emotionally. Dani is an amazing teacher, instructor and person. Every minute I am in her training, I feel like it’s priceless. My clients and I are forever thankful for this training."

Amanda Ross
Will Power Fitness

"Having only studied yoga for 2 years prior to enrolling in Pranayoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training, I was somewhat concerned that I was getting in over my head. However, my love of yoga, which has brought me so much physical and emotional healing, won out. I am so glad that I set my fears aside and walked forward in faith into this wonderful group of like minded yogi and yogini! I have learned so much – anatomy, pranayama, asana and philosophy. It is not a competitive environment, but a nurturing one. The students have become very close and we freely share our joys and sorrows, accomplishments and fears. Not a class goes by without a few tears and lots of laughter. I came into the class wanting only to improve my physical practice and develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy from which it originated. I believe I stated in our first class that I never intended to teach, that I only came to deepen my own practice. To meet a class requirement, I started teaching a Yoga Basics class to 2 of my friends who volunteered to be my guinea pigs. I now am teaching a regular class on Saturday’s to a group of women who are in a 12-Step recovery group with me. It has grown to a weekly class of up to 10 beautiful ladies who are sharing this adventure with me. Never say never!If you are considering the Pranayoga Teacher Training, as Dani told me, pray and meditate on it. If it is right for you, the path will unfold easily and you will be in for a wonderful journey."Namaste’

Jeanne Burnett

Teacher Training


Pranayoga's Nationally Recognized Serve.Teach.Transform® Next 200HR Teacher Training Begins September 16th 2014, Dive IN!

The 200hr training is structured as a 24-week semester with classes meeting Tuesday evenings each week. In addition, two weekend seminars and student independent work are required.

Click Here to find out more about the 200hr teacher training, download a class description, flyer and/or application.

Are you ready to deepen your understanding of yoga, serve others, and do what you are passionate about for a living? Do this for yourself. Serve.Teach.Transform.®

Pranayoga Advanced Teacher Training Serve.Teach.Transform®

Ayurveda, Sattva Vinyasa, and Therapeutics

The 300hr teacher training(Next Program begins October 24th 2014)

Advanced teacher training and in depth studies program. The 500hr training is structured into 10 weekend modules along with a mentorship, and workshop electives. We are commited to give you the best environment for learning the ancient art and science of yoga and support as you mature as a teacher and practitioner of yoga. This program is ongoing as modules and taught by DaniVaniMcGuire specialiazing in Tantra, Ayurveda, Sattva Vinyasa, and Somatic and Adaptive Therapeutics.

Click Here to find out more about the 300hr teacher training, download a class description, flyer and/or application.

Pranayoga 500 HR Advanced Teacher Training Serve.Teach.Transform®

Holistic Yoga Foundations, Ayurveda, Sattva Vinyasa, and Therapeutics(Next Program begins March 17th 2015)

The most in-depth program in learning the ancient art and science of yoga philosophy, and ayurveda. For those of you beginning with the awareness that you want to go through all 500 hours of our nationally recognized program. Upon completion of the program and mentorship you will be able to register with the yoga alliance at the 500 hr level. You will have in depth knowledge of holistic yoga for individuals and group classes, yoga texts and philosophy, theming, anatomy for yoga, adaptive yoga classes, ayurveda, mantra, meditation, and pranayama. 

Click Here to find out more about the 500 hour program. (must have a minimum of 1 year practicing yoga consistantly.)

 1000 Therapeutics Training-And Bridge Healers Immersion.

Therapeutic Focus that provides informational and experiential framework for adapting yoga practices to the special needs of people with cancer, chronic pain, and beyond.  

The 1000 hr training with yoga therapy emphasis is structured into week-long modules along with a mentorship, home study and karma yoga.

Click Here to find out more about the 1000hr yoga therapy training, download a class description and application.