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Sattva Restore® Restorative Training

July 13-15

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90% off all disease begins with stress. Learn the effects of our modern society and the constant stress response we are in causing chronic illness and disease.

Restorative yoga is a practice that was developed by Judith Lasater to release stress and tension using different positions over yoga props. Sattva Restore, developed by yoga therapist and ayurveda wellness counselor, Dani McGuire, adapts this restorative practice from the perspective of yoga therapy. We utilize restorative yoga positions adapted to the individual, ayurveda wisdom, engagement and relaxation of a muscle for hyper or hypo tonus muscles, guided imagery, breathing practices, and meditation that can be used at any age and with any population.

Upon completion of this module students will be able to:
Define and understand the interaction of the pancha maya model and all major systems affected by stress.
Define and explain the stress response on the physical level.
Understand development of majority of disease from stress and apply techniques to remedy the epidemic.
Provide Restorative Yoga postures and modifications to people with chronic pain
Identify common pathologies and disorders of the major systems including symptoms management and contraindications relevant to yoga therapy.
Tuition: $525 ($100 off if registered by June 30)

Meeting Times: Friday-Sunday 9:30a-5:00p

Who may Join us?

  • Teachers wanting to learn Sattva Vinyasa teaching method, even with another 200 hour certification.
  • Students who have been practicing for a minimum of 1 year wanting to get certification.
  • Students wanting to deepen their practice in a beautiful and structured immersion.

About Sattva Vinyasa
Much of our vinyasa practice in the west is drying and rajasic(over stimulating) to our nervous system, and many times we we are learning a style of yoga that has worked well for that instructor. Let us explore our personal practice on a multi-dimensional level of holistic movement. Sattva Vinyasa is a blend of ancient practice, energetic vinyasa flow, and regenerative vinyasa krama based on the bio mechanics of movement within yoga therapy.

Sattva means balance. The middle path, the central channel. The study of Ayurveda is one in keeping the body balanced, and the study of yoga is one of keeping ourselves in harmony with our bodies, breath, relationships and the world around us. We have joined these sister sciences in our holistic programs so that we may find the integrated approach to healing. We believe that for the whole person to not only survive but to thrive, there needs to be harmonious balance of the three treasures of mind, body and spirit. Our philosophy is one of wholeness and integration to achieve sustainable results and transformation within. How we move determines who we will become.

Retreat Immersion
This year the beautiful Ahki Resort will be hosting our 14 day intensive teacher training. Morning sessions begin with Invigorating Sattva Vinyasa practice, pranayama and meditation. The Days are filled with intensive study of alignment principles, sequencing, vinyasa krama, adjustments, anatomy and physiology, Ayurveda, and philosophy. Evening Include Lunar Practice, Self Study and Reflect on the daily work.

Ahki Resort will be offering daily vegetarian breakfast lunch and dinner. Additional foods such as fish and smoothies may be purchased for additional cost.

About Ahki
Designed specifically for group work, AHKí is an intimate yet spacious facility nestled in 5.5 mountain acres, located near the Pacific coast, in the Guanacaste region of Costa Rica. Imbued with lush, green mountainsides, blue ocean waters, plentiful sunshine and with it’s accessible location, AHKí is the perfect destination for your retreats. What is so unique about AHKí is that it is a truly sacred space – built specifically according to the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, “the yoga of space”, invoking peace, wellness and harmony – with the environment as well as within one’s self. All our structures are built oriented in conjunction with the 9 directions, 5 elements, the earth’s vibrational grid, and the planetary energies. All floors, walls and roofs have been painstakingly measured according to Vastu to maximize the flow of positive energy throughout.

Lectures Include

  • Vedanta Meditation and Pranayama for Healing
  • Structural Yoga Anatomy & Somatic Movement
  • Biomechanics and Therapuetics
  • Yamas and Niyama
  • Hands on Assist
  • Modifications:Teaching to the whole
  •  Karma and Dharma
  •  Themeing, Bhavana and Music in Yoga
  • Ayurveda and Asana
  • Tantra, Myth, and Mantra Yoga
  • Vinyasa Krama, Peak Poses, and Wave Sequencing
  • Seasonal Practices and Yoga for Dosha Imbalance
  • Ethics, Teaching Privates, and Living our Yoga
  • Chakras and Subtle Body Anatomy

Daily Schedule:(may be subject to change due to meal times/check in)-the first and last days will be shorter due to travel.

6:00am-Morning Meditation

6:30-8:00am-Solar Sattva Vinyasa Practice

8:00am-9am Breakfast


11-1 study/practice time or meeting with mentors

1:00-2:00 lunch

2-4:00 Study/Practice time or meeting with mentors

4-7pm teaching lab, technique, breaking down the asanas/sequencing strategies.

7-8pm Dinner

8:15-9:45 Evening program, guided meditation, yoga nidra, lunar flows.

Requirements of 200 hour Sattva Vinyasa Certification Completion:
Following the immersion at Ahki, you will have 30 hours of self-study, daily sadhana practices, online anatomy program and practice resources, teaching practicum, and private sessions to complete.

You will also be required to complete elective coursework with Dani or workshops taught by other Sattva Vinyasa certified teachers. This can be fulfilled 2 ways:

1. Assisting our annual Thursday-Sunday retreat at Menla Mountain Institute or Satchidandana Ashram October 6-9th of 2016. In assisting you will bring together all of the teaching elements of sattva vinaysa and higher meditation practices, refining your final teaching and receive feedback to hone your skills as a Sattva Vinyasa teacher. This portion is an additional room and board cost.


2. 15 hours of electives, can include online classes with Vani, or Sattva Vinyasa certified teachers and sending in final teaching sequences via video file.

Tuition: $3650(includes non-refundable $550 application fee+deposit) This tuition is for the teacher training program, shared room and three meals at Akhi Retreat, Costa Rica)

Early Bird Tuition: $3250.(by April 18th)
Deposit: $550 non-refundable deposit and application fee, holds your space. Remainder of Tuition due June 1st.

Included in Tuition: Online Yoga Anatomy Resource(30 non contact hours) and Teachers resource online practices with Dani Vani McGuire, shared room and 3 vegetarian meals at Ahki Resort, Costa Rica.

Additional costs:

Travel expense(flight and transfers to and from Ahki), reading materials, and electives workshops or Awaken Retreat, if completing 200 hour sattva vinyasa certification.

Pay $550 Non-Refundable Application Fee and Deposit Online.

Fill out my online form.