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Karma Yoga

The yoga of selfless service, and the path of following ones dharma.

Our Work Exchange Program

In exchange for yoga, yoga series, staff discounts on workshops, and potential for discounts on teacher training programs at Pranayoga School of Yoga and Health you will donate your time and energy in assisting our students, teachers, and community flourish.

Our support staff is a vital part of our community. It takes full commitment and an ability to hold space effectively for our students and staff. We serve various populations in the community, including those with cancer, chronic illness, trauma, addiction, etc. that require sensitivity , privacy with personal information, and attention to detail (i.e, keeping the studio space clean and sanitary for those with compromised immune systems, being sensitive with our language and in our communication, etc.)

Your service is valued, and spots available are limited, so full commitment and the ability to go above and beyond what is required is necessary. We encourage  karma staff  to grow and expand in their positions (most of our managers and teachers started in this same position!) and encourage open communication in how we can support you best in your journey.


  • Commit to the position for at least 1 year
  • Work two 5 to 6 hour shifts per week
  • Be dependable and punctual
  • Be available on weekends and evenings
  • Willing to regularly attend Pranayoga classes and other community events and workshops
  • Attend staff meetings once per quarter

Remember this is NOT a volunteer position. It is a working service exchange agreement. We will pay you with a pass for unlimited yoga, free attendance to select yoga series, discounts on teacher training after 6 months of service, and discounts on select special events which translates to real dollars for the studio. Please only apply if you can commit the same way as you would to a paid, part-time job.


Are you ready? Please fill out this application and send to Haley at