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At PranaYoga we honor the essence of yoga while merging the modern day research of yoga therapy for moving from surviving to thriving.

Our company name comes from the Sanskrit word for “breath”. Breath is our vital life force that sustains the body and mind. The breath is something we all receive and share. As a child our founder, Dani suffered with breathing problems and other health issues. Our school is one centered around yoga therapy for healing and community. It is also a spiritual center welcoming all faiths, just like our breath, our gift of life.

The word “Yoga” means union and also comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. The root word means “to yoke.” It also means relationship. We are committed to forming a relationship with every one of our students and empowering you to strengthen the relationships within your own life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a center of yoga therapy and inspirational community for students and yoga teachers to learn and grow together. A portion of our proceeds help support the Pranayoga Foundation, which helps provides free yoga to people with cancer and chronic illnesses.  Joan Borysenko, Co-founder with Herbert Benson, MD, of the Mind-Body Clinic at New England Deaconess Hospital, says that the practice of yoga is, “Aimed at learning to quiet the mind and to direct it.” She speaks of the practices as “centering” and asserts that the end result is to increase awareness, honesty, confidence, competence, and love.

What our students are saying.

” I appreciate Pranayoga for its focus on wellness and keeping yoga true to its nature, not exercise, but a practice. ”
~Lori Bower

“My digestion is great and I feel well. I really feel more balanced than I have in over 20 years.”

~Ann, Fort Wayne

Pranayoga has made such a difference in my practice. I have enjoyed being there so much. The teachers have all been knowledgeable and experienced.
~Bob, Fort Wayne

Pranayoga has inspired so many and has shown many people the light that resides in them.  I thank you for doing the same in my life. I am very excited to see the future that unfolds in all of our lives. I am so grateful that my path has crossed with Prana’s. I look forward to seeing them intertwine even more.
~Kole, Fort Wayne

Being 57 years old and having health issues, it’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to practice within my own personal space without judgement or ridicule from the teacher. This allows me to be able to practice regardless of the mood (and/or physical ability) I enter the studio with, and thus enables my process to naturally unfold in a safe and non-defensive environment. This is important to me as it probably is true for others whether they realize it or not, especially considering that I’m about 40% hearing impaired. This school is also helping me recapture my youthful flexibility, health, and mental sharpness.
~Marc, Fort Wayne

 I have been so impressed with everyone that I have had the pleasure to meet. The experiences at Pranayoga are what I call, ahhhh moments. When I take a deep breath, let the air out slowly, all the stress of the day slowly flows out of my body, and I feel at peace with the world. You are providing a much needed service to the community.
~Andra, Fort Wayne

There is a good selection of classes to choose from. Everyone should be able to find a class that fits their style and particular needs. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences.
~Marcia, Fort Wayne

Best Classes. Best Facilities. Great location!!
~Eve, Fort Wayne

I love my experience at Pranayoga! Thank you! You have totally changed my life.
~Emily, Fort Wayne