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300/500 HR Advanced Teacher Training.

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For 200 hour Foundational graduates or equivalent from another approved yoga alliance school. 

Live. Deepen. Inspire.

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Pranayoga Institutes’s 300 hr yoga alliance teacher training, is an advanced training course to continue building your expertise and embodiment of the holistic study of yoga. Sattva Vinyasa® is a system of vinyasa yoga(meaning specific instruction) that is inspired from the principles of Tantra, Somatic Movement, Ayurveda, Yoga Therapy and Prana Vinyasa. Vani’s 20 years of research and personal practice has gone into this program as well as 500 hours of ayurveda training, 3 year internship into yoga therapy, anatomy, and 10 years of teaching experience. Unlike other forms of asana in the west, Sattva Vinyasa has the foundation of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda at the heart of the formula for meeting students where they are, weather it is an adaptive chair class or working with advanced students and injuries they may have incurred along the path, or being able to offer step by step  instruction to help them achieve their goals.

This program serves the yoga teacher in deepening their studies of yogic philosophy along with their ability to embody the information learned in their 200 hour foundational courses on a deeper level of tradition and sadhana, as well as the ability for weaving it into their lives.

Cultivate seamless practice of living, inspiration, and creativity as well as a practical approach for householders passionate about transforming themselves and others. Learn the art of being a sustainable vinyasa teacher, teaching to all seasons of life, and deepening your knowledge of philosophy, anatomy of healthy movement, sequencing for purpose, therapeutic asana, and the individuality of ayurveda and yoga therapy foundation.

Through this program you will:

  • Have Deeper connection to self and others
  • More enthusiasm, less burnout
  • Knowledge in diverse systems of Tantra, Ayurveda, Vinyasa Krama & Therapeutic Movement
  • Knowledge of Subtle & Physical Systems that can be applied to group classes, privates, and therapeutic sessions.
  • An authentic understanding of Yoga as a seamless lifestyle
  • Ability to take your students to a deeper level of healing and wholeness.
  • Embodiment as a teacher rather than an instructor.
  • Ability to register with the yoga alliance as a 500 RYT.
  • Foundations into yoga therapy and adaptive group classes(to enter into the Sattva Therapy Program)

Through the practice of yoga we can rest in ourselves that which is the truth of our existence.

– Dani “Vani”

The Curriculum

This module program consists of a 10 module weekend Core Curriculum, Mentorship, and Elective Coursework. Electives are fulfilled through independent study of master teacher workshops and trainings (not included in the tuition). Mentorship is held through lead Sattva Vinyasa Embodied teachers. Students in the 300 hr program may be eligible to receive transfer credits for electives taken at other locations. (transfer fee of 5.00/credit hour will apply).

Core Curriculum

9 weekend modules: Saturday 9:15am-5:15pm, Sunday 9:15am-5:15pm + Raja Yoga Retreat or Embodied Living Online Course with Vani.

 Core Modules Include

  • Raja Yoga
  • Vedanta Meditation and Pranayama for Healing
  • Structural Yoga Anatomy & Somatic Movement
  • Ayurveda for Balanced Living
  • Tantra, Myth, and Mantra Yoga
  • Advancing Asana-Vinyasa Krama, Peak Poses, and Wave Sequencing
  • Therapeutics of Yoga: Foundations of Adaptive Group Classes
  • Ayurveda and Yoga:Yoga for Dosha Imbalance
  • The Art of Relationship: Ethics, Teaching Privates, and Living our Yoga
  • Chakraology-Elemental Vinyasa Prana Flows and Subtle Body Anatomy

Pranayoga Mentorship

Tuition includes 2 (1 hour) mentoring ongoing support, and supervised practice teaching sessions. Mentoring weekly as you complete your private sessions and adaptive group class. Mentoring includes assisting, developing classes and private work, workshops and dharma projects.

Elective Coursework

50 hours master teacher elective hours(additional cost) through sattva vinyasa teachers.

(If going into the Sattva Therapy Yoga Therapy Program the continuing education covers these hours. Applications must be submitted when registering.


Dates may be subject to change.

The “Core” Curriculum 2019 Dates

September 14-15 The Art of Relationship: Ethics, Working one on one, and Living our Yoga
October 5-6 Vedenta Meditation and Pranayama

November 22-24 Raja Yoga Retreat-At Prairie Guest House, Fishers IN Cost $350 Shared, $450 Single(meals included)

November 2-3 Sattva Vinyasa Immersion: Advancing Asana

December 7-8 Chakraology-The subtle body anatomy

2020 Dates

January (Off Winter Break)

February 1-2 Intro to Ayurveda

March 7-8 Ayurveda and Yoga: Sattva Vinyasa Practices for Dosha Imbalances

April (spring break)

May 2-3 Anatomy for Yoga I

June 6-7 Adaptive Therapuetics

(Most modules can be taken in any order)

Sample Training Schedule: Friday-Sunday 9:15am-5:15pm

Example of what a training day may look like.
Time Sessions
9:15 – 10:45 am Yoga Practices
10:45 am – 12:15 pm Lecture & Presentation
12:15 – 1:45 pm Lunch Break/Discussion
1:45 – 5:15 pm Teaching Lab, Practice, Closing Lecture, Feedback, Questions and Homework

Tuition+Time to Complete

Tuition: $3,750 ( includes $150 application and deposit fee)

Tuition is good for core curriculum modules for 24 months, to take missed modules or retake modules as an assistant of Sattva Vinyasa for additional study.

Deposit and Registration Fee. 150.00

Pay In Full Tuition: $3150+150 Deposit and Registration fee

Payment Plan Available.(300.00/month for 12 months + $150 deposit/registration fee) Enrollment is good for one year following the payment plan ending date for making up missed modules or re-taking as an assistant of serve.teach.transform. The 300 hour advanced training must be completed within 2 years.

To Apply: Fill out the online application below.


Q & A:

What if I miss a module? The program is set up for flexibilty. Though structure and self directive study we have planned the modules in advance but give you access to the program for 2 years so that the module will be scheduled each year. You can come once per month and finish within a year or if you have to miss a few you have access to the program for two years, and can complete it at a more leisurely pace.

How long should I wait after the 200 hour? You no longer have to wait! This is a question I never asked my teachers knowing I had to have all they could give me in the wisdom of yoga tradition. We now have a continuous 500 hour program that begins with entry into the 200 hour spring program or you can begin 6 months after completing the fall training.

How much homework will I have? Most of the work is done in community with our weekend modules Over the 1-2 year program you will have some suggested reading, yoga teaching through your personal dharma project, an anatomy paper, and Final Report. The pacing of the program is not as intensive as the 6 month foundational course and can be applied directly to embodying the information that you received in your 200 hour training.

Why would I need a 500 hour training? Even in one of the highest quality 200 hour training programs in the midwest, there is only so much you can learn and assimilate in a 6-12 month period. A 500 hour certification gives you the practice to embody yoga on a deeper level and become a teacher rather than a great instructor. The flexibility in our program allows householders a choice in what inspires you as a teacher as well as a student, and how you learn this art and science best, while providing a chance for you to stay inspired, supported, and ignited on your path. The 500 hour program provides an opportunity to prevent burnout by staying in the “student mind” as well as deepening and embodying the information started upon in foundational programs. Upon completion you will be a sustainable yoga teacher with experience in somatics, adaptive yoga, tantra, vinyasa and ayurveda and the ability to apply it in real world relationships.

Pranayoga Advanced Teacher Training Director & Adjunct Teachers

dani head

Dani “Vani” McGuire
E-RYT500, Yoga Therapist, IAYT, Ayurvedic Health Educator

Vani has practiced yoga since 1995, having studied Integral, Tantric and Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy, and Prana Flow Vinyasa. Her teaching is an alchemy of eastern philosophy and modern living. Using both life and practice as a way of inspiring self awakening, love, and devotion. She is author of Beginner and Beyond: A Hatha Yoga Practice, available on itunes; columnist for, and founder of PranaYoga School of Yoga and Holistic Health, and PranaYoga Foundation. Dani leads teacher trainings and workshops at conferences and studios around the world.

For more information including course structure and tuition download the 500 RYS Teacher Training Program Description. To apply please download the 500 RYS Teacher Training Program Application.

james head

James Bailey, LAC, DIPL AYU, ERYT500

James G Bailey, LAc, Dipl Om, Dipl Ayu, E-RYT is a third generation healer, CAM physician, Yoga educator, and Yoga teacher trainer who has been living yoga and ayurveda for 30 years. He practices Ayurveda, Marma Therapies, Acupuncture, and Wellness Counseling to aid patients towards their true nature of well being. His training includes 5 years (4000+ hours) of formal clinical studies in Oriental Medicine (Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine from Yo San University) and training in Ayurveda under such luminary teachers as Dr. Vaijayanti Apte (Dipl Ayu from the Kerala Ayurveda Academy), Dr. Subash Ranade, Dr. Avinash Lele, Dr. Vasant Lad, and many Ayurvedic doctors and therapists in Kerala, south India where he spends time teaching and studying while on retreat.

James teaches Yoga, Ayurveda and meditation workshops worldwide. He is a contributing editor and former columnist for Yoga Journal, Light on Ayurveda, LA Yoga magazine and other wellness magazines. He served as an active Board member of the California Association of Ayurvedic Medicine (CAAM), and is founder of Sevanti Wellness in Santa Monica, CA.

“Just like most important subjects in life, the more you learn about yoga, the more you realize there is to know.  200 hour training introduced me to yoga philosophies and teachings, but 500 hour helped me to begin to embody them.  Going straight from 200 hour training to 300 hour training helped me to fill in some blanks, as well as inspire and help me along with my first year as a yoga teacher.  Plus I couldn’t pass up the chance to study further with Vani.  It is Vani’s background and origin as a yoga therapist that provides for the most beneficial yoga teacher trainings.  I didn’t fully understand the importance of this basis until recently comparing different programs and teachers that did not focus so much on the significance of alignment, the role of yoga in healing, and the philosophy of compassion.  Not only learning from Vani as a teacher through lectures and in-class studies, but simply following her pranaflow yoga practice will shift your mentality and enhances your awareness of what it really means to be a healer and an inspiration to all of your students.”-Stella, Cincinnati

“200 hour teacher training helped me unpack emotionally, to be present for students with a basic set of asanas for healthy people.   When I started teaching, I encountered a whole range of people who because of dis-ease, either physically or emotionally, could not find peace with basic asana.  Yoga is body, mind and soul healing practice and can meet people wherever they enter the path.  The 300 hour training has given me a full color pallet of tools to meet each student where they enter.  The pace of monthly classes gave me time to incorporate the teachings into my classes and time to explore the many paths of yoga.  Dani is a teacher’s guru.  She is an inspired teacher who has a passion for learning herself and a gift for holding space for others.  She has encourage me to explore where my heart leads.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn more within the wonderful jewel of the healing Pranayoga community. “-Jenny, Fort Wayne


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