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For serious students and 200 hour teachers wanting to learn the art of Sattva Vinyasa Flow and Ayurveda…Intelligence of movement.

For more information contact admissions@pranayogainstitute.com.

Learn the art of Peak Vinyasa Wave Sequencing, sequencing doshas and the seasons, and the biomechanics and therapeutic movements that will make your vinyasa practice sustainable and fortifying. Sattva Vinyasa® is prana vinyasa taught by yoga therapist and ayurvedic wellness counselor Dani McGuire. This 100 hour immersion is for students wanting to deepen their own practice of yoga, create strong healthy bodies, apply ayurveda to their daily lives, and deepen their knowledge of alignment and anatomy to create long life, optimal health, and strong, sustainable practices. This program is for serious students or 200 hour yoga teachers wanting to develop their teaching skills, spice up their classes and understand the safest way to practice when teaching vinyasa flow yoga.

20 years of research and personal practice has gone into this program as well as 500 hours of ayurveda training, yoga therapy, anatomy, and 10 years of teaching teachers.

Although Sattva Vinyasa is unique because it combines yoga therapy. It is preventative medicine for healthy bodies, not part of our yoga therapy diploma program integrating with allopathic medicine for healing ailments.

As Sattva Vinyasa teachers and practitioners we believe it is essential to the nutrition of vinyasa flow yoga in the U.S. as a very result driven society, and we want long term success in our hatha flow practices.

We also believe that to be strong teachers and yoga therapists we must, “be warriors of compassion with strong bodies and ample hearts.”-Dani McGuire, Vani

Modules Include:

  • Structural Yoga Anatomy and Somatic Movement
  • Advancing Asana-Vinyasa Krama, Peak Poses, and Wave Sequencing
  • Chakraology-Elemental Vinyasa Prana Flows and Subtle Body Anatomy
  • Ayurveda and Yoga: Yoga for Dosha Imbalance
  • Online Anatomy Training
  • Elective Hours(additional tuition): Yoga 201 (held at PranaYoga Institute)

Sample Schedule

Saturday and Sunday

9:15 – 10:30 am Yoga Practices
10:30 am – 12:30 pm Lecture & Presentation
12:30 – 2:00 pm Lunch Break/Discussion
2:00 – 3:45 pm Teaching Lab and Lecture, Homework
4:00-5:15 pm Closing practice, Feedback, Questions and Homework

2019-2020 Curriculum Dates

November 2-3: Advancing Asana: Wave Sequence, Peak Poses, Vinyasa Kramas & Enhancements

December 7-8: Chakraology- Anatomy of the Subtle Body

March 28-29: Ayurveda and Asana: Sattva Vinyasa Practices for Dosha Imbalances

May 2-3: Structural Yoga Anatomy and Somatic Movement Lab

*training to be completed within 18 months

Pre-Requisites: Yoga Practice for 1 year minimum or 200 hour CYT. Desire to learn and share Sattva Vinyasa.

Tuition: $1,320 (does not $150 application and deposit fee)

Pay in Full $1,170 (does not include $150 application and deposit fee)

Payment Plan: $220 per month for 6 months (payment plan does not include $150 application and deposit fee)


Reading List is an additional cost. Sattva Vinyasa Manual is included.


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